Before Service

Supply technical consulting service to the user for selecting stainless steel tube material, 
Give client's the best suggestion
Save client's time and money.

Service during producing

Choose the best stainless steel pipe material, 
Produce the product strictly according the client's requirement, 
Strictly according to the QC system, ensure the quality
Have a fully inspection to ensure the tubes quality,
Inform the stainless steel pipe producing schedule to the client in time.

  • cutting to required length and deburring; hydrostatic test
  • hardness test
  • heat treatment and solution annealing
  • ultrasoic measuring of wall thickness

Service during delivering

Ensure the stainless steel tubing with good and proper packaging,
Ensure the deliver time according the client's requirement
Ensure the shipment information be aware by client in time

After-sale service

Frequently have a good communicate with end user.
Regularly pay a visit to clients
Have a consultation with end user for feed back advice.
Improve the stainless steel tubes quality constantly so as to meet the client's requirement.




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